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Fresh "Aire": Revitalizing at NYC's AIRE Ancient Baths

Fresh "Aire": Revitalizing at NYC's AIRE Ancient Baths

New year, new you. In concert with sampling New York Makers’ soothing bath and body products, should you be looking to revive yourself amid the inevitable winter blues slump, now is the time to discover AIRE Ancient Baths. Inspired by the ritual baths of ancient Greece and Rome, AIRE transports you out of time and into a series of thermal baths, aromatherapy steam room and relaxation — with 30, 45 and 60-minute massages to complete the experience.

AIRE Ancient Baths opened in Seville, Spain 15 years ago in a refurbished mansion built on the foundations of a first century A.D. Roman ruin. In 2012, they expanded to New York in a magnificently repurposed former Tribeca textile mill.

The interior of AIRE Ancient Baths | Photo: Courtesy AIRE Ancient Baths.


New York Makers recently paid a visit and experienced the dreamy calm firsthand — a birthday gift to be remembered — and left rejuvenated, with plans to return soon. Following AIRE’S suggested Thermal Circuit, we first sat in the Hammam (steam room), breathing in the pungent aroma of eucalyptus. Next, we rubbed on handfuls of salt and relaxed in the 100 degree waters of the Flotarium and then loosened up our muscles in the Jet Baths. We then headed into the 110 degree waters of the Caldarium and took a quick - very quick! - dip into one of the two cold baths.  The contrasting temperatures are supposed to be good for health — and certainly build a strong constitution with which to face all that 2017 will bring our way!

To conclude the bath experience, we then soaked in the meditation pool until we were summoned for a divine 30-minute massage. 

To hit your reset button, all you have to do is make a reservation, pack your swimsuit (required at all times), and melt into AIRE Ancient Baths' amenities. 

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