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February 2021: New York "Admiring" State of Mind

February 2021: New York "Admiring" State of Mind

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Whom do you admire? In the throes of a pandemic where we must largely stay apart, we find that we must try harder to connect and build positive bonds together. One way is to identify those we value and pay tribute to them. February is the perfect month to be in an “Admiring” State of Mind.

For starters, February is Black History Month. We will be highlighting a few of the Black makers making their mark here in New York, places to explore Black history throughout our state, from Harlem to Harriet Tubman’s home, and some of organizations who continue the fight for justice and equity.

Press play to watch "Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn, New York"

Among the firmament of great New Yorkers, we will also pay tribute to the late Cicely Tyson, who grew up in the Bronx and Harlem and served as a personal inspiration to us at New York Makers. (Fact: Cicely Tyson played Harriet Tubman in A Woman Called Moses.)

Press play to watch "Remembering Cicely Tyson"

Did we say Admiring State of Mind? Well of course we won’t forget Valentine’s Day -- and you shouldn’t either! Here’s our latest gift collection to shop for all those you appreciate. (PS: Chocolate is always a good idea.) Sure, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a Hallmark holiday, targeted toward romantic love. But it’s also to acknowledge friends, family, teachers, caregivers, all those that have a special place for you. Valentine’s Day is now sometimes referred to as “Galentine’s” or “Palentine’s”, and we just LOVE that. Send a friend you admire a Heart Needle Felting Kit or a “Cozy” Relaxation Gift Box. And for those of you looking to celebrate beyond your COVID caves, we will have a list of Valentine’s-inspired New Yorkie activities to do. 

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Admiration comes in many forms. So, who is on your list? Follow along this month and experience an “Admiring” State of Mind with us.

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