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FEARLESS | October 2018: New York "Fearless" State of Mind

FEARLESS | October 2018: New York "Fearless" State of Mind

This October, we celebrate being in a fall and New York “Fearless” State of Mind. From haunting holidays to tackling intimidating challenges or obstacles, our Magazine and Marketplace will feature “fearless” stories and collections all month long.

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For our part, we will reveal tomorrow a project many months in the making -- one that required us to go beyond the fear and take a leap of faith. This project is a significant part of New York Makers’ growth, and we are so very excited to share this news.

Fearless can also be fun. We will also be adding to our Halloween-in-New York stories for our Magazine. In the meantime, check out some of our favorites: our piece on the spookiest places in the state; one on the legend of Sleepy Hollow (inspired by the scary Washington Irving classic); and a review on an event not to be missed: the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, just to name a few. Try reading each of those stories and be in a “fearless” State of Mind, too!

Editor's Pick from the Marketplace:

Throughout October, the theme will be prominent in our publishings, as will a special focus on the greater Niagara region of the state (encompassing Buffalo, Batavia, and Niagara Falls), where “fearless” sets the stage with its natural wonders, culture, maker scene, and opportunities for adventure.

On a recent road trip, we had the chance to drive through and explore many of that area’s well-known, and some lesser-known, roadside attractions. We studied up on the fascinating history and “wow-factor” moments, for example The Erie Canal, which began construction in 1817 and was completed in 1825, was often referred to as “Clinton’s Folly” or “DeWitt’s Ditch”, both digs at then Governor DeWitt Clinton who was a driving force behind the ambitious project. However, the Governor was undeterred and upon completion, the Erie Canal was an instant success and heralded a new era of economic development for New York. The Erie Canal is regarded as a civil engineering masterpiece and one of the most important public works projects in the country. And that’s just one remarkable story. Read along this month for more “fearless” features.

Workers of the Erie Canal. Photo: Heaven's Ditch

We invite you to be in a New York “Fearless” State of Mind” with us this October, a necessary component for any maker, mover, or shaker!

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