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ENLIGHTENED | December 2018: New York "Enlightened" State of Mind

ENLIGHTENED | December 2018: New York "Enlightened" State of Mind

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Another (almost) year wiser. Speaking for myself personally, of course, but the same could be said for New York Makers, too. Reflecting on 2018 (which seems like it has flown by), we have learned, we have grown, we are rejoicing in the successes of new ventures and reaching new customers and readers. And to think...we still have thirty-one crazy holiday shopping days left — so you better get to it by clicking here! December is a time to be in an “Enlightened” State of Mind, and we invite you to join us on this spiritual, reflective, and celebratory culmination of 2018!

The Grand Central Holiday Fair open now! Visit our holiday pop up shop in booth 19.

Since opening our New York Makers holiday pop up shop at the Grand Central Holiday Fair in early November, needless-to-say, we have been ensconced and extra busy in NYC (though seeing folks coming from all over the state and the world!). In the evenings after our pop up closes for the day, I find myself unwinding by walking up and down different city blocks, catching a glimpse of illuminated New York City in all its bright glory — a religious melting pot adorned with sparkling holiday decór from a number of cultural traditions. Under the lights I feel a sense of joy and togetherness. Wherever you are, just look around, breath the air, and I bet you will feel it, too.

The world-famous Rolf's German Restaurant in NYC

Moved by the positive sentiments of the season, like generosity, community, and giving, we emphasize this “Enlightened” State of Mind on the Magazine this month. Stories of how light connects as a common theme, especially at this time of the year, among many faith traditions, new ways to look at old places (Albany! The “Empire State”!), and our makers sharing resources and expertise with one another.

So before the month swiftly passes us by, let’s be present in an “Enlightened” State of Mind with friends and family, co-workers, even strangers on the street, wherever in the world we are. Sounds pretty nice, right?!

Brightest Wishes for the Holidays!