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DARING | October 2019: New York "Daring" State of Mind

DARING | October 2019: New York "Daring" State of Mind

New Yorkers have a reputation for being willing to take big, bold chances. They dare not just to dream but to take the risk to make it reality. This October, we are putting on our adventure cloaks and getting in a “Daring” State of Mind with them, for you!

Being daring takes many forms. Often times it’s with an activity of great physical challenge or taking a great risk in business, or going someplace that takes courage.

Must-see Halloween adventure: The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze at the Van Cortlandt Manor 

On our Magazine, we will share a list of New York Halloween getaways with mysterious or harrowing backstories — places you don’t dare go, unless you are extra brave! We will also spotlight a couple of intrepid individuals who have taken daring to new heights in very different directions: Eli Wilner, who has built a storied career that started with a pile of antique frames thrown away as garbage; and Noelle White, Miss Rodeo New York (yes, we learned there is a thriving rodeo subculture in New York and, yes, she rides competitively — barrel racing, among other events.)

Photo: Miss Rodeo New York

As for physical challenges, rock climbing is daring, yet accessible, for a wide range of those willing to try, from novice scrambling to expert freestyle. To the west of one of our favorite Hudson Valley towns, New Paltz, loom the ledges, craigs, and sheer rock faces of the renowned Shawangunk Mountains, more casually known as “The Gunks”. Fall season is prime climb time. If that’s too tame for you, there’s always skydiving in New York. We’ll make a list of locations for you (we’ll be cheering from the ground!). For those who find vicarious experiences most enjoyable, you can always visit the Old Aerodrome of Red Hook. We promise your heart will race as World War-era and other planes flip and dive overhead. Still hosting air shows along with a museum, the Old Aerodrome played a big part in the 2015 documentary The Millionaires’ Unit, the story of aristocratic Yale students risking everything for their country and training as WWII flyboys.

Click image to buy or rent "The Millionaires' Unit"

Finally, we shift “daring” gears to a few (bad pun alert) “current” event topics. Universal Basic Income: It’s a hot subject, and could potentially super charge our domestic economy. Schenectady-born, 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is passionate about this political strategy. We find it extremely interesting, as we find our “hands-on” selves trying to thrive in an environment of automation.

So, that’s the Magazine line-up, and we hope you will follow along all month long. Also be sure to check our Marketplace for newly added products and fall favorites. Also, a very special holiday gift shop announcement is coming soon...!

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Dare yourself both to be your best this month and to get out of your usual box!

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