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CURIOUS | What Do They Want? Young Counterculture NYC

CURIOUS | What Do They Want? Young Counterculture NYC

Photo: Twitter account of Ethan James Green

The image makers and the makers of images occasionally, brilliantly, are the same. Just look and see.

Ethan James Green, 29, began in New York as a model and, under the eye of the late photographer David Armstrong, has emerged as an arresting chronicler of today’s NYC. As a fashion and portrait photographer, he has “quickly established himself as a disruptive force, subverting industry norms in his mainly monochrome portraits, while exploring sexual identity and questioning the many facets of contemporary constructs of identity.

Published by Aperture and available April 1, Young New York, by Michael Schulman (Author), Ethan James Green (Photographer), and Hari Nef (Foreword), captures through Green’s soul-connecting, hungry, black and white images young creatives and “scene makers” drawn to New York City, curious to make or lose, themselves in its crush.

Click image to purchase "Young New York" by Michael Schulman (Author), Ethan James Green (Photographer), and Hari Nef (Foreword)

An “it kid”, that next generation of talent, vision, and cool, Green has received showers of electric buzz from, among other publications, The New Yorker to The New York Times -- more sure to follow once his monograph is widely available. In 2016, he won a LensCulture’s Portrait Award for his Young New Yorkers project.

His next project turns to the other end of the age spectrum, chronicling L.G.B.T. inhabitants at senior housing facilities. “A lot of my friends in New York think, ‘Oh, being gay doesn’t define who I am,’” he said. “But spending time with the older generation is a reminder that identity is important, and that there is a lot more to fight for,” he said in a New York Times interview.

For now, be curious and check out Ethan James Green and his unique eye on New York City’s young counterculture.

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