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CURIOUS | March 2019: New York "Curious" State of Mind

CURIOUS | March 2019: New York "Curious" State of Mind

In our line of work, you simply have to be curious. It’s a good thing we, at New York Makers, thrive on curiosity. In fact, we think curiosity in all its forms rests at the heart of New York. So this month, we are pumped to explore New York’s very “Curious” State of Mind.

We wrapped up February on the Magazine being “sweet" on the Adirondacks’ Essex County and its Sugar House Creamery, with a “curious” hat on while doing so. We traveled without a plan, asked local residents for insight and tips and, as a result, discovered byways, quiet winter beauty, and a different way of living we would probably never have known otherwise. If you haven’t read the full story, you can find it here.

Now, we’re curious about a lot of other New York places, people, and things. In a more peculiar sense, New York is home to some unexpected museums and points of interest, like the Jell-O Museum in LeRoy, the birthplace of Jell-O, the “Wizard of Oz”-themed town of Chittenango where the author Lyman Frank Baum was born, and in Pittsford, the tiny fairy houses of Tinker Nature Park no one knows who built...pretty curious, right?! New York is packed with unusual discoveries, many of which are discussed on, and in the book, Weird New York. We will dive deeper into some of these bizarre topics later this month.

Click image to purchase "Weird New York" written by Chris Gethard

Also on the schedule for March, we will explore the hot New York topic of hemp and its CBD derivative, its current legal status in the state, and its uses -- especially as it pertains to our New York maker community. Speaking of curious laws, we have discovered some old New York State laws surprisingly still in effect. Did you know it’s currently illegal to wear a mask in public (except for masquerades and other entertainment events) all across the state? We’ll dig up some more of these offbeat laws for you this month.

March means more to discover, experience, and learn -- leave no stone unturned! Follow along as we get extra curious about New York. If there is a topic you’d like us to explore, email me here. We’d love to hear from you!

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