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BRAND NEW | January 2020: New York "Brand New" State of Mind

BRAND NEW | January 2020: New York "Brand New" State of Mind

We welcome January with a “Brand New” State of Mind! Coming off a bustling holiday season, it was refreshing to wake up on January 1 with (slightly) restored energy, a new outlook, and many new plans for our 2020 path ahead. To get the year off to a great start, we want to thank you for all of your support at our Columbus Circle Underground Turnstyle Holiday Market. It was a blast to see everyone who turned up and others who shopped online! Top secret: We are working on a “brand new” pop up event for next month. You will be the first to know when we make an announcement.

We are so excited to meet new makers, forge new partnerships (more on that coming soon), take new New York adventures, especially to explore new places (for now, check out I Love NY’s 2020 Bucket List), write new stories to share with you, learn new crafts and skills. It’s a big state, but someone has to do it, right?! 

Expect January’s Magazine to feature special spotlights on a few of our makers. The Farmhouse Project will be showing us how to make a room in our homes feel new, and maker The Highlands Foundry expertly embodies the quote, “what’s old is new again”, in her product line using upcycled fabrics on new items like kimonos, tops, wallets, and totes.

Photo: The Highlands Foundry

Did you know January is National Book Month? New York Makers’ very own literary genius Kathleen Willcox has co-authored a book we wanted you to know about, Hudson Valley: A History of Taste and Terroir, which highlights for many might seem like a newly discovered winemaking part of the state (though in fact it was first!). So, after you hit the slopes this winter, cozy up by the fire with this book and perhaps a glass of Hudson Valley wine (Kathleen's favorite is Millbrook's Pinot Noir...in case you were wondering.) 

Click image to purchase "Hudson Valley Wine: A History of Taste and Terroir" written by Tessa Edick and Kathleen Willcox

Speaking of booze, a few weeks ago, a brand new part-coffee house/part-brewpub called Walt + Whitman opened in Saratoga Springs. Hybrid business concepts are becoming more and more common and we think it’s really neat; innovation is so important today. 

If there is something new you think we should know about, always feel free to email our editorial team at info@newyorkmakers.com. We love making new friends, so don’t be shy! 

2020, here we come!

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