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One Last Thought: Humans of New York State

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that our small team here at NYSOM began laying out the framework for our Magazine’s inaugural issue: the New York SPIRITED State of Mind. And now, five weeks later, we are wrapping up one theme and looking ahead to the next (we’ll tell you more about it on Monday).

We’ve spent the last month embracing the New York spirit in a variety of forms:

  • Spirited People: The heart and soul of the City (and State) itself, and the man, Milton Glaser, whose simple four-character design — I <3 NY — has ignited and kept aflame a sense of New York pride since 1977;

  • Spirits to Toast With: The history and present-day innovations surrounding the State’s drinkable spirits (local beer, wine or vodka, anyone?);

  • Good Spirits: The comedic legacy of Jamestown native Lucille Ball, and the likes of Woody Allen, whose self-deprecating wit developed from watching the great standup acts at the Catskills' Borscht Belt resorts;

  • Cleansing Spirits: The spiritual retreats and outdoor activities that will transform your mind, body and soul; and,

  • Spooky Spirits: The haunted and other-worldly corners that make Halloween in New York such a chilling, unique and must-experience-at-least-once-in-your-life holiday.

On a deeper level, our inaugural issue has been about so much more than just “spirit” and its various iterations and interpretations, and it exemplifies the reasoning behind our name. In branding the company, our co-founders put a plural spin on the iconic verse made famous by Billy Joel’s song. As NYSOM’s Editor in Chief Christine Murphy said in this month’s Editor's Note, there is more than one way of looking at the same thing. And, that’s what keeps us going. New Yorkers. You. The elements that feed your spirit, that spook you, that humor you and inspire you. The unique way your mind works. New York’s diversity is what makes our motley State interesting and fulfilling for all who pass through our borders.

In celebrating the people who intrigue us each day and whose stories are woven into each of our October articles, it’s fitting that we close our SPIRITED State of Mind with some praise for a like-minded brand; for someone who also spends his days scouring the streets of NYC to capture the spirit of this great city and, in his own way, uncover each person’s state of mind: Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York. The effectiveness of his photographs in engendering a sense of New York civic pride and identity makes him a modern-day Milton Glaser, the perfect bookend to our October issue. And with his own four characters — H-O-N-Y — Brandon is capturing the energy and soul of a city that thrives on people young and old, from near and far, at all hours of the day and all times of year.  His blog and newly-published book are the perfect companions to NYSOM’s October issue — and, arguably, every future issue — as we continue showcasing the humans of New York STATE.

In case you missed any of our stories this past month, we’ve compiled the entire New York SPIRITED State of Mind issue in pictures — here and below. Take a look, savor it, share it — and tell us about your own spirited state of mind in the comments below.

The New York SPIRITED State of Mind: A Recap

Introducing New York States of Mind

1. IMG_0691_2 © New York States of Mind LLC.
NYSOM’s Co-Founder, COO and Editor in Chief Christine Murphy unveiled our inaugural issue and gave an inside look at the founding of New York States of Mind LLC.

New York States of Mind Launch Party Dance Party

2. Spotify Playlist © New York States of Mind LLC.
We love a good dance party, and wanted to share our favorite whistle-while-you-work hits with you as a gift in the form of our launch party playlist.

Meeting Milton: The Man Who Taught Us We Love NY

3. MiltonGlaserTeaserLeadImage for carousel.jpg © Jaime Vallés/New York States of Mind LLC.
Few symbols are as iconic as the “I <3 NY” logo, and NYSOM sat down with the man who designed it (and who never imagined it would be so ubiquitous or lasting): Milton Glaser, the epitome of the NY spirit.

Potsdam's Artistic Spirit Hiding Around Every Corner

4. Tiger car © Ethan Shantie.
Despite Potsdam’s rough exterior, a local writer led us deeper to find what makes life there beautiful.

Clayton Distillery: An Emerging Spirit in the Thousand Islands

5. Lead IMG_1361 wp © Carter Jones.

We went behind the scenes at the first micro-distillery in New York’s Thousand Islands-Seaway region.

Dutchess County's Om-azing Retreats

6. Omega-Yoga-Class-wp560 © Omega Institute.
We took you on a virtual tour of some om-azing spiritual retreats in Dutchess County (the first in our series of must-visit mind-, body- and soul-tuning locales across the Hudson Valley).

Art Imitating Life to Preserve It: The Hudson River School

7. Thomas_Cole,_The_Oxbow_wiki wp The Oxbow by Thomas Cole. Photo from Wikipedia.
We retraced the steps of America’s first art movement, the Hudson River School, with a guide so you can do the same.

The New Yorkiest Thing You Can Do: NYC Comedy

8. NBC Studios wp © New York States of Mind LLC.
We introduced the first in our recurring monthly feature, “The New Yorkiest Thing You Can Do,” with a foray into the world of NYC comedy — SNL and Upright Citizens Brigade included.

The Hops of Madison County: The Revival of America's Hop Capital

9. Madison County Hops c Hops images courtesy of Foothill Hops; State marker image courtesy of WGP Foundation.
We “hopped” into the history of Central New York as the primary grower of one of beer’s main ingredients, and uncovered what local Madison County farms are doing now to revive their once thriving crop.

Shelf Authority: 25 Years of the Brooklyn Brewery

10. Brooklyn Brewery still fwp © Jaime Vallés/New York States of Mind LLC.

Steve Hindy, war correspondent-turned-brewery owner, told us about co-founding Brooklyn Brewery and befriending Milton Glaser in the process.

Stepping Inside Gowanus Furniture Co. with Pete Raho

11. GowanusPost_PeteRaho wp © New York States of Mind LLC.
Pete Raho shared with us his woodworking secrets and the uber-New York-ness of his cutting board designs. (Shop his kitchen accessories and servingware on the NYSOM Marketplace.)

The Great Pumpkins of Val-Kill

12. hiding behind pumpkin wp © Bill Urbin/National Park Service.
Teddy Roosevelt said to carry a big stick. At niece Eleanor's Val-Kill estate, you can carry a big PUMPKIN. We introduced you to the larger-than-life gourds that are painting the grounds orange.

Elusive Pumpkin Beer Perfection

13. Shelf Authority wp © New York States of Mind LLC.
We tasted a variety of New York-made pumpkin ales to find the BEST gourd brew (and ended a yearlong search in the process).

Winning Wines in Chautauqua

14. Johnson Estate Winery wp Photo from Lake Erie Wine Country.
NYSOM said “Cheers” to Chautauqua County after we heard through the grapevine that this region boasts the largest grape growing county outside of California: 30,000 acres of vineyards and a 45-mile-long wine trail.

Comedy in the Catskills: Remembering the Borscht Belt

15. milton berle Milton Berle performing. (Photo courtesy of commentariesonthetimes.wordpress.com.)
We laughed our way to the Catskills for a sketch of the Borscht Belt era, which groomed the likes of Milton Berle, Woody Allen and Mel Brooks — and inspired the beloved film "Dirty Dancing" (fact).

From the Bronx to the Bottle: Lucas Vineyards

16. Tug Boat Red (wp) © Sue Henninger.
We sipped one of the 25 varieties from one of the 25,000 cases of wine made annually at the oldest winery on Cayuga Lake, Lucas Vineyards.

Burying Vines to Make Fine Wine in Skaneateles

17. Anyela Vineyards_Grapes wp © Anyela's Vineyard.
We learned the secret to the award-winning wines from Anyela’s Vineyard on Skaneateles Lake: they arduously bury their vines — all 27 acres of them — each winter.

I Love Lucy and Lucy Loves Jamestown

18. Lucy Lead_Featured © New York States of Mind LLC.
We visited Lucille Ball’s hometown to step onto the New York queen of comedy's first sound stage — and we’ve got some splainin’ to do.

New York's Most Spirited Spirits: THE Graves to Visit

19. Twain Sign wp © New York States of Mind LLC.
Just in time for Halloween (and for your more morbid state of mind), we peered six feet under to give you the low-down on graves that mark some of New York’s most notable departed.

Going 'Greene': Hiking the Catskills' High Peaks

20. Catskill Mountain View wp © Catskill 3500 Club.
We traveled into the green in Greene, bringing you tips for the best hikes and most stunning vistas in the Catskills’ High Peaks.

Ulster County Redux: Get Your Chill On

21. Mohonk Mountain House Fall 1 – Jim Smith Photography © Mohonk Mountain House/Jim Smith Photography.
Calling all in need of spiritual rejuvenation! We found fixes for your every need in Ulster County, whether it’s a serious inner and outer health overhaul, a quick recharge or an escape to a wooded castle.

Spa Like You Mean It in Westchester

22. meditationgarden wp © Wainwright House.
Whether you’re looking for the royal treatment or a spiritual journey; fast relaxation or more than a massage, Westchester County is at your beck and call — here’s how.

Putnam County Retreats for Health Nuts (Reluctant or Hardcore)

23. Putnam Lead Carousel fwp © Chuang Yen Monastery.
We found something for everyone in Putnam County’s wellness department, from superficial recharging to pure spirituality, from hard core workouts to DIY spa treatments.

Exploring the Adirondack High Peaks in Autumn

24. Mt. Marcy October 23_wp © Carter Jones.
We don’t want anyone to let preconceived notions of extreme weather conditions prevent them from venturing to the Adirondacks in autumn; here’s the right way to do it.

Stride by Stride with Members of the Albany Running Club

25. ARE 2 wp © Mark Adam.
More than 45,000 intrepid ING New York City Marathon runners will take to NYC’s streets on November 3rd — and we prepared our running (err, spectating) state of mind by going stride by stride with the Albany Running Exchange.

An Apple a Day for Generations

26. Goold Orchards entrance sign wp © Mark Adam.
How ‘bout them apples? Through the lens of family-owned orchards, we explored two of the most fun apple-picking adventures in the Capital-Saratoga Region.

Brussels without the Passport: Ommegang Brewery

27. Brewery-Signs-wp © New York States of Mind LLC.
In New York, you don’t have to search far to find an international experience; you just have to know where to look. We staycationed a trip to Belgium by stopping in Cooperstown’s Brewery Ommegang.

Sleepy Hollow's Spirits: For Haunting & Savoring

Horseman’s Hollow © Tom Nycz.
We stepped back in time and inside Washington Irving’s state of mind with a look at the attractions, both other-worldly and this-worldly, of Sleepy Hollow.

Risen from the Dead: Buffalo's Richardson Olmsted Complex

30. RComplex2wp © Amanda Marie Rogers (left), © New York States of Mind LLC (right).

The architecturally splendid but long-neglected former Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane has risen from the dead with a new identity as a hotel, conference and architecture center, and cafe. We took you on a tour before the public opening.

Stepping Into the Spirit World: A Skeptic Visits a Town of Mediums

29. Lily-Dale-Assembly © New York States of Mind LLC.

We offered a skeptic’s take on Lily Dale, the small community of registered Mediums an hour south of Buffalo where you can connect to the “other side.”

H5: The Only Scare You'll Need This HalloWeekend

31. H5_1 © H5 on Instragram.
We explored the hair-raising haunts of H5 (Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses), where visitors are known to drop their wallets and phones in a terrified frenzy.

Paranormal Investigators with an Altruistic Motivation

32. PISToLS FB pic © PISToLS.
We met with paranormal investigators from the Thousand Islands-Seaway Region who work to identify ghosts and raise money for charity.

It All Started with a Ouija Board: Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes

33. 102_2452 wp © Sue Henninger.
We shadowed the Ghost Hunters of the Finger Lakes, three siblings who were hooked on the supernatural as kids after a successful consultation with their Ouija Board.


34. HONY-Graphic © New York States of Mind LLC.
HONY is the I <3 NY of today. We were completely entranced by the new “Humans of New York” book (purchase yours below!) and wish we could delve inside Brandon Stanton’s New York state of mind.

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