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The New Yorkiest Thing You Can Do: NYC Comedy

From Lucille Ball to Seinfeld, New York comedy is, well, the funniest — bar-none. In our spirited state of mind, we dare you to indulge in the uber-New Yorkiest of all New York comedy and catch a live taping of “Saturday Night Live.” The ticket lottery for “Saturday Night Live” happens via email every August, but if you have a free day during the show’s season, stand-by tickets are available to early risers at 7 a.m. on the day of the show. You’ll double your chances since tickets are available to both the 8 p.m. dress rehearsal and the 11:30 p.m live broadcast. After snagging your tickets, reward your persistence with a treat from Bouchon Bakery, right across the way — you’ll be first in line since their doors also open at 7 a.m. (We are firm practitioners of the sweets-for-breakfast regimen). You’ll round out your day with that famous line, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” 30 Rockefeller Center (49th between Fifth & Sixth Avenues)

Alternatively, ticket reservations to "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" are somewhat more attainable. Tickets may be reserved four to six weeks in advance, with standby tickets available at 9 a.m. on the morning of a taping. Fallon also runs through his monologue jokes in the studio on the day of his tapings, for which free tickets are distributed every weekday from noon until 1 p.m. in the NBC Experience Store. Head to the nearby Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) for lunch at Cafe 2 and the Magritte Exhibit (through January 12, 2014), where you’ll experience the spirit of Surrealism. 30 Rockefeller Center (49th between Fifth & Sixth Avenues).

For a more low-key comedy affair, head to the Upright Citizens Brigade to catch some improv. Founded by comedy legend Amy Poehler and Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh, you’ll have the opportunity to catch a future (or, occasionally, current) star or two. For a very low price you can see a great show (when OkCupid performs, they choose a member from the live audience to endure three onstage “dates” with the cast). UCB has locations in Chelsea and the East Village. If you visit the latter, plan for a pre-performance dinner at one of NYSOM’s favorite nearby restos, Westville or Peels.

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