Inside NY's Most Gorges Town

A founding principle of New York States of Mind is that there’s more than one way of looking at the same thing. Meet two of NYSOM’s friends in Ithaca: Chloe and Samantha. Read on for their unique Ithaca states of mind, verbatim.

The best resources for learning about Ithaca

Go-to locale for...

  • Coffee:
  • A sandwich:
  • A night out with friends:
    • CHLOE heads to: The Chapter House [in] Ithaca [for] beer.
    • SAMANTHA heads to: Just a Taste: Big Red Flight, Braised Greens, Russet Potatoes with Chipotle, Spicy Shrimp, Focaccia with Garlic.
  • Date night:
    • CHLOE savors one-on-one time at: Asia Cuisine [for the] bi bim bop.
    • SAMANTHA savors one-on-one time at: Mercato: Fish in parchment is always delish! Chocolate Pot de Creme - YUM!
  • A glass of wine or cocktail:
    • CHLOE toasts at: Corks & More … All wines!
    • SAMANTHA toasts at: Madeline's: Ask for a bourbon flight (14 from which to choose!)
  • Dessert:
Ithaca Bakery wp Ithaca Bakery.

The hotel you always book or recommend to friends, and why:

The ONE (only one!) thing visitors must see or do, and why:

Ithaca Market Samantha wp Samantha at the Ithaca Farmers Market.

Your favorite (or not so anymore) gem, and why:

Number of hours or days required in town for the "full" experience:

  • CHLOE declares: At least a full weekend.
  • SAMANTHA declares: At least three [days]. It may be "Ithacating" so best to be flexible with your plans...

The town is great for what type of visitor (please select 1-3 from options below):

  • CHLOE thinks Ithaca is perfect for people who like to:
    • CURATE (the artsy intelligentsia)
    • EPICURATE (the foodie)
    • INNOVATE (the tinkerers and life-long students)
  • SAMANTHA thinks Ithaca is perfect for people who like to:
    • EPICURATE (the foodie)
    • INNOVATE (the tinkerers and life-long students)
    • RECREATE (the adventure-seekers and fitness gurus)

The town is best explored by...

  • CHLOE: Car.
  • SAMANTHA: By foot but you often need a car to get to the gems!

The town is best explored in what season?

CHLOE and SAMANTHA agree: Summer and Autumn.

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