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Labor Day Weekend on Fire Island

Throughout Summer 2013 we shared Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)'s wide ranging outdoor activities with you. Though the links in the story are specific to Summer 2013 events, we encourage you to peruse these adventures and keep an eye out for repeats in future summers. AMC makes it easy to explore the best of New York State's great outdoors. To register for upcoming events, visit AMC's website. 

Labor Day may already be upon us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an Indian Summer state of mind. You don’t have to part with your seashore routine. With activities and events available through October, the AMC Cabin at Fire Island is your go-to destination for extending summer. Added bonus: there are no cars on Fire Island (bikes abound!), and the cabin is easily reached by train to Bay Shore, followed by a quick ferry ride. With waterfront property owned and operated by the AMC, the volunteer-run facility offers every activity from sailing to hiking to yoga to breadmaking. Two co-ed bunk dorms are available for overnight guests. Here’s a taste of what’s going on at Fire Island from Labor Day onwards!

August 30 – September 2: Italian Style Labor Day Weekend

An “Italiano festival” weekend filled with happy hours, meals, music and games. E-mail ficres@earthlink.net to make your reservation.

September 3 – 4: Midweek Pastel Drawing Workshop

Looking for a more relaxing way to spend your time at the cabin? Draw your favorite Fire Island view at this pastel workshop. Call 631-583-5366 to reserve your spot.

September 5 – 6: Midweek National Seashore Trek

A two-day adventure from eastern Fire Island to the Lighthouse, spending Thursday night at the AMC cabin. Call Irene Rosen (631-687-4765) for reservations and details.

September 6 – 8: Kayak weekend at Fire Island

No experience necessary! Learn to kayak or hone your skills with two nights (including happy hours) at the cabin. E-mail ficres@earthlink.net

September 13 – 15: Quigong/Yoga and Sail Trips Weekend

Balance yoga and sailing all weekend with a Kripalu-trained leader. Sail a 5-person sloop and end the night with a hearty happy hour and a party under the stars. E-mail ficres@earthlink.net to reserve your weekend.

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