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Live Like A Legend at Harriman State Park

Throughout Summer 2013 we shared Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC)'s wide ranging outdoor activities with you. Though the links in the story are specific to Summer 2013 events, we encourage you to peruse these adventures and keep an eye out for repeats in future summers. AMC makes it easy to explore the best of New York State's great outdoors. 

Want to walk where your favorite authors, historical figures and naturalists once tread? Spend a weekend hiking around the places that inspired many American legends by exploring Harriman State Park. Whether by car, train or bus (by the Short Line bus from Port Authority or by NJ Transit’s Port Jervis Line to Suffern or Harriman stations), this park — located on the west side of the Hudson Valley — awaits with work-hard-play-hard adventures! Make a challenging trek and then reward yourself with a cool pond swim. Forage for blueberries along lakeside trails, and, if you’re lucky, spot a bear (from a safe distance).


Skannatati Circular

Begin with an early visit to the Thendara Mountain Club lodge on Lake Tiorati, then hike to several vistas in Central Harriman: Pine Swamp Mountain, Lichen, and Bowling Rocks.

Lakes and Literature 

“7 trails, 6 bridges, 5 bathrooms, 4 lakes, 3 mountains, 2 forts, 1 zoo.” Better known as the 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 trip, hikers and readers can harmoniously enjoy a vigorous 10-mile traverse, inspired by the giants of literature, history, and nature: Walt Whitman, Anthony Wayne, and Raymond Torrey.


Black Rock Forest Swim Hike

Just past Harriman is Storm King State Park (not to be confused with the sculpture garden! That’s another kind of hike entirely…). Cool off this weekend with this moderate hike to the top of Split Rock for lunch and a view. “No killer climbs” is promised. Then, reward yourself with a swim at the nearby pond. Keep an eye out for Peregrine falcons, which once disappeared from New York during the 1960s and have now returned.

End of Season Blueberry Lake Hike

As the sun sets on blueberry season, celebrate summer’s berry bounty with this hike along backcountry lakes with a long lunch stop and blueberry grazing along the way.

Check out: AMC's Meetup page to plan your next adventure.

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