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Take It Offsite: A Weekend Summer Camp For Adults

No requirements; no experience necessary. Such is the mantra of the event of the summer, Take it Offsite at Clawhammer Farm, happening this weekend in Lisle, NY. If you miss camp as much as we do, flock here for a weekend filled with unique workshops hosted by uniquely trained professionals, like “cheese from scratch,” make-your-own frozen cocktail glasses and tree house building. It’s the camp we’ve always wanted to be shipped off to and we’re encouraging everyone to go. This year’s event takes on a culinary focus (with food bloggers, butchers, cheesemongers and other industry pros as your counselors!), from how to make the coolest cole slaw to culturing mozzarella, ricotta and chevre cheese. After dusk on Saturday evening, guests are treated to a pig roast and homey campfire. Then, sleep under the stars on Clawhammer’s vast expanse of farmland and sip moonshine by moonlight. How often did you get to do that at camp? Clawhammer Farm is conveniently located in the middle of the state. Round-trip shuttles will depart from Union Square in NYC over the course of the weekend, but the event is of course not limited to city-dwellers. Take it Offsite runs from July 12 - 14. Prices range from $150 for a day rate to $350 for the entire weekend. To learn more about the event and to secure tickets, visit their website HERE and click “GO!”

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