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An Ode to Millennials (and Hipsters)

Here at NYSOM, our Magazine team consists of a pair of young professionals, part of that generation known as Millennials. We're creating this Magazine to encourage readers to embrace, among other things, the aspects of their communities that they cherish, then take a wider view to see the parallels that exist around New York State, each with a twist of local flavor. The ultimate goal is for people to travel and engage. We imagine an audience like ourselves, who strive for quality in every aspect of our lives: in the farm-fresh food we eat; in the heirloom-caliber, sustainable products we buy; in the friends we keep; and in our perpetual curiosity to explore.

Today we enjoyed reading a hilarious New York Times article, "How I Became a Hipster," in which a reporter goes undercover in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, and surrenders himself to the hipster lifestyle. Not all Millennials are hipsters, but (almost) all hipsters are Millennials. Therefore, we viewed this piece as a critique of our generation. Though much of the piece is sarcastic with a touch of condescension, the author nevertheless arrives at some thoughtful (and perhaps flattering) conclusions.

We wanted to share a snippet with you: "I like this generation of young folk. Their food is terrific, and they find even the most insignificant things 'awesome'...If every youth movement says as much about the status quo as it does about itself, then this new eco-conscious, agrarian-seeming, hair-celebrating nexus of locavorism is maybe telling us that the rest of us need to plunge our fingers into the rich loam of the earth, literally and metaphorically."

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