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INDEPENDENT | July 2018: New York "Independent" State of Mind

INDEPENDENT | July 2018: New York "Independent" State of Mind

"New York maker" wood pennant made by Victor Coreas of Bold Version Design Co. Photo: Victor Coreas

Last year, we boldly proclaimed July to be “Maker Month”, as “independence” is a state of mind we, at New York Makers, strongly feel is synonymous with the maker movement not just in the state, but all over the world, too. We have had the great pleasure of collecting many stories from many makers since our inception, and while they each have varying backgrounds, talents, and disciplines, the common thread seems to be the genuine and steadfast pursuit of creative autonomy.

What does it mean to be “independent”? One gal’s opinion is that the definitions are endless, as long as you stick within the realm of rebellion. (And if you are a New Yorker, that should come naturally, seeing as our ancestors had played such a key role in the most defining rebellion of our country! More on that later in the month...) The maker movement has been iconic in this way, allowing former nine-to-fivers to escape, and replace, office space with studio space. Being a maker is the marriage between personal and professional aspirations -- name a better job than that. You can’t!

We, too, are changing up our editorial quite a bit -- and, we believe, much to our reader’s delight! This July, we will be kicking off a new concept for our Magazine. Going forward, our readers should anticipate the implementation of not only regular columns each month, but a cross-column feature of a particular location, city, region, town, or otherwise, in New York State. First up: Harlem, NYC. And we could not be more excited to share some inspiring stories coming out of Harlem with you!


At New York Makers, we work with over 75 makers on our Marketplace (and growing! Interested in joining our collective? Send us a message here) and from across the entire state. This list includes woodworkers, weavers, ceramists, graphic artists, farmers, jewelry designers, tailors, glassblowers, blacksmiths, leathersmiths, chefs, bakers, mixologists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, community organizers, each of them creating something with their hands for others to enjoy. See for yourself by clicking here.

Want a copy of our New York Makers Zine: Volume 1? Click here to shoot us an email! Design by New York maker Victor Coreas of Bold Version Design Co

To the countless non-conforming makers in New York and beyond that tenaciously declared “I can do this!”, we salute you!

New York Makers wishes our American friends a joyous Independence Day and Maker Month!