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January 2017: New York New State of Mind

January 2017: New York New State of Mind

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any (wo)man who survived 2016 is in want of a fresh start. Welcome to 2017! I can’t remember anticipating a new year with greater eagerness — and I say that as someone who lived through the excitement of Y2K. It’s a new year in New York, and we’re thrilled to be in the New York “New” State of Mind.

An important housekeeping note is that we've rebranded from New York States of Mind to New York Makers, to better emphasize the message we've been telling all along: that New York's unique alchemy is possibly only because of the people who are creating — from crafts to technology to art and everything in between.

Now more than ever this feels like the time to usher in new energy, and to seek adventure and new challenges, and to create our own destinies. Funnily enough, looking to the past can provide a useful signpost.

A class at the Adirondack Folk School — which this month includes courses in introductory inkle weaving, needle felting and woodturning — can provide a necessary creative outlet that’s as good for one’s mental well-being as an aggressive resolution-driven gym regimen. (Maybe. I'm not a doctor.)

This year I’m resolving to make new memories through some time-honored traditions made possible by New York’s unique natural endowment. As home of Lake Placid, the two-time Winter Olympics host city, New York deserves to be celebrated, especially by New Yorkers, as a place that can rival Colorado and Utah for cold month outdoor recreation. I may not be brave enough to take on Whiteface Mountain, which boasts the largest vertical drop in the eastern United States, but I’m intent on learning to ski and snowshoeing for the first time, perhaps at Gore in the Adirondacks, Hunter in the Catskills, or any of the other ski mountains listed on ISkiNY.com, a resource that connects you to information about New York’s ski areas and ski conditions.

How will you take advantage of this beautiful new beginning?

From New York City,

Christine Murphy
Co-Founder, COO and Editor in Chief