About The Farmhouse Project

Shawn Lang and Kris Prepelica are two gents from NYC –- a designer/artist (the perfectionist) and a doctor (the free spirit) –- who decided to unplug and embark on the project of a lifetime; historically renovating a 218 year-old farmhouse in Upstate NY.

In 2012 Shawn and Kris fell in love with and purchased a home built in 1800 by the Woodman family, owners at the time of the local wood mill. While it is the oldest home in town, both the house and barn have been well preserved, with original details left untouched. The Woodman house is minutes from the site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Over the years, Shawn and Kris have created a devoted community of followers by tackling the impeccable design of the home, room by room, sharing a variety of DIY projects (like this DIY Table Flowers post) and food and drink recipes, and always finding time to communicate with their fans one-on-one.

With the popularity of their lifestyle blog (The Farmhouse Project), and Shawn's background in product design within the fashion and home industry, the duo started to think about creating a line of unique home decor items, inspired by everything that gives them joy at the farmhouse. They recently released their first collection of unique home goods designed and handcrafted by them and other local artisans throughout upstate New York.

Our team has known Shawn and Kris for some time now, and we, too, are serious fans! Read the story we wrote on them, and their project-of-a-lifetime, back in April of 2017.

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