About Stephen LeBlanc Metalsmithing

There's no question that Stephen LeBlanc has a deep respect for nature. One testament is the Adirondacks house he and his wife built by hand: constructed from local timber, insulated by straw, powered through solar and wind energy, heated with dead wood and rounded out by an organic garden. His flexibility with natural materials takes an analogous form in his metalsmithing. In his Glens Falls studio (a former Shirt Factory filled with artists of all specialties), Stephen hand-forges jewelry on an anvil, and converts a piece of sturdy metal be it sterling silver, palladium, 14k or 18k gold into a seemingly fluid, abstracted organic shape. He draws upon the geometry of the gingko leaf and the stop-motion effect of an unfurling flower. As he says, "my work incorporates the forms and essences from the natural world" through "the medium of metal [that] lends itself to developing these naturalistic forms with the durability and integrity afforded by hand-wrought metal." He freezes natural moments in time, and creates beauty that lasts forever.

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