About Sfoglini

In a not-so-far away land called Brooklyn, one small factory is churning out pasta so good it's hard to believe it's made right here in New York. Co-founders Steve Ketchum and Scott Gonzalez are making some of the finest small-batch pasta of our generation. It's the locally-sourced ingredients incorporated into this American, organic semolina flour base that make this breakthrough pantry item essential: whole-grain and whole wheat flour hails from Wild Hive Farms in Clinton Corners and vegetables and herbs are sourced from Brooklyn Grange and Eagle Street rooftop farms. They've even experimented with throwing spent grain from the Bronx Brewery into their mix. Sfoglini extrudes their fresh pasta into unique shapes and unexpected varieties using traditional bronze dies, creating a textured, porous surface with maximum area for sauces to cling to. What's in a name? A sfoglia refers to a sheet or a leaf of fresh pasta; a sfoglina is a traditional woman in Bologna who makes pasta by hand. Serve this New York favorite alongside an old family recipe, or simply naked with a small dose of olive oil; with no more than three basic ingredients, it's just as good on its own. Call it an Italian-American State of Mind.

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