About Dori Naturals

Dori Naturals in New York, NY
New York maker of White Lotus Candle, Black Koi Candle, and Golden Light Candle. Founders: Dori.

In Dori's own words: “I didn’t set out to make candles. When the pandemic started, my wife got nervous because she couldn’t find organic hand soap. This, I thought, was something I could do -- so I did. But as I was researching DIY soap, I came across candle making.

You should know -- I’ve got a thing for candles. I spend a lot of money on luxury candles for their intoxicating scents and indulgent feel, preferably in a glass jar so I can watch the candle burn. The thought of saving that money was pretty appealing. But as I started sourcing materials and experimenting with them, I discovered how many toxins were hidden in candles -- and how complicated it was to combine natural wax, colors, and scents in a transparent container. It was the perfect pandemic project.

I hadn’t planned on turning my project into an enterprise, but when I gave candles away to friends and neighbors, I realized how much people are yearning for luxury scents while keeping their family safe from toxic smells, dyes, and burns. I love that I can deliver on that promise at an accessible price.

It was a humbling moment for me when my fifteen-year-old son came to ask me for a candle. It was the Black Koi, a mix of oude and dark musk. I made it for when I am working on proposals for my day job. It’s got the undertones of balsam that is very grounding, with a light smoke that evokes strength and resilience.

I developed Golden Light, for when I needed a lift (you can’t play Bee Gees when you’re on a Zoom call), which it does with lemon peel and peppermint.

My wife sniffed out the formula for White Lotus, she picked a blend of light musk, frankincense and amber that feels sensuous and soothing. It’s the one we light to unwind after a long day and, not surprisingly, our most popular scent to date.

Soon enough, pandemic projects will be a thing of the past, but there’s always room for more comfort and calm in our lives. I hope my candles can bring you some."


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