About Chicory Farm Soap

Chicory Farm Soap in Bloomfield, NY
New York maker of Citrus Soap and Salve Set, Crowd Pleaser Soap Sampler, Earthy Soap and Salve Set, Floral Soap and Salve Set, Grapefruit Soap Sampler, Lavender & Mint Dog Soap, Manly Soap Sampler, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass Dog Soap, Tea Tree & Oatmeal Dog Soap. Founder: Sara Turnbull

Sara Turnbull grew up in Bloomfield, NY and that is where she and her husband began their goat farm and business. Now almost all of their products include the rich, raw goat's milk that comes from their own very well-loved goats. It gives their soaps a moisturizing, skin-loving quality that is beyond the capability of artificial, store bought "luxury" products.

Chicory Farm Soap always uses pure ingredients, known to be safe, in every one of their creations. All of the delicious scents come from 100% pure essential oils. The only chemicals they ever use are Lye, which is necessary to turn oils into soap, and phenoxyethanol, which is a mild preservative in their Liquid Goat Milk Soap. They think carefully about adding any lab-created ingredients and they are committed to keeping you in the loop when they do.

Sustainability is a priority for Chicory Farm. Careful attention is given not only to the health of their customers, but to the environments and people creating them. For this reason, they use Organic Virgin Shea Butter in place of Palm Oil, as Palm Oil harvested in plantations that are created after orangutan and tiger habitat is cleared. You also won't find Frankincense, Sandalwood, or Rosewood Essential Oils in any of their products because those oils come from endangered tree species. In the same spirit, they pay all of their employees living wages because the world is better for everyone when people are treated fairly.


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