About Cave Glow Studio

Cave Glow Studio in Catskill, NY.
New York maker of cedarwood vanilla soy candle, fraser fir soy candle, dusk beeswax taper set, sunrise beeswax spiral set, sunrise beeswax taper set. Founders: Emma Tringali and Jake Smisloff.

Cave Glow Studio is a small family operation run by husband and wife team, Emma and Jake. They work with responsibly sourced beeswax, soy wax, and concrete in small batches to create mindful, thoughtful, and affordable lighting products for the everyday home.

The pair started making candles in the winter of 2016 as a way to deliver peace and healing during an uncertain time in their local and global communities. Making candles after work on the weekdays and taking them to local markets became a weekend routine. What started in a one-bedroom apartment as a desire to authentically connect with others about design and eco-conscious home goods turned into a full-fledged mission to provide light and hope to homes across the country.

In 2019, Emma and Jake moved into a larger studio space in Catskill, NY and have been expanding their operation to deliver home goods to customers near and far. The studio is always bustling with experiments in color, wax, and concrete -- providing an endless source of inspiration and creative self-development that they aim to share with others.

Their studio’s mission is to hold space for curiosity, experimentation, failure, and growth -- and they hope to share with and encourage others who are out there exploring their personal journeys as well.


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