About Catskill Provisions

Catskill Provisions in Long Eddy, NY.
New York maker of chocolate honey truffles, chocolate honey whiskey truffles, artisanal ketchup duo. Founder: Claire Marin. 

Bees are onto something. As individuals their work ethic is inexhaustible, yet when they return to the hive it becomes clear that their loyalty is to the colony, unselfish and ever striving toward the greater good.

Claire of Catskill Provisions isn't so unlike the bees she oversees in the 700 hives she manages around New York State in Delaware, Sullivan, Madison and New York (Manhattan) counties. A former magazine publisher, Claire's beekeeping was a mere hobby until she realized how happy the mesmerizing process made her. Transferring to her apiaries the work ethic that made her so successful in publishing, it comes as no surprise that Claire's products are carried in the finest epicurean establishments and, now, on the New York Makers Marketplace.

The company was built on its two seasonal varieties of raw Wildflower Honey: The Spring medley with its hints of clover, apple and pear blossom, and the Fall flavors of chestnut, maple and asters. Claire has added to her line with Maple Syrup tapped by a fifth-generation maple farmer from over 2,000 of his Catskills trees. Incidentally, the Sugar Maple is the State Tree; it doesn't get much more "New York" than that. The maple syrup is boiled down to make Maple Sugar that can be used as cocktail rimmers to garnish the honey- and maple syrup-based drink recipes she's crafted. With Claire's full range of small batch products you can indulge from morning till night: Brunch of pancakes or waffles from the organic mix (of wheat grown and milled in NYS), happy hour cocktails, chicken marinated in any of the three Marinades, followed by dessert of Chocolate Honey Truffles. Are you salivating yet?

Claire may be a single worker bee, but she's making the most delightful, ambrosial products for our benefit, fit for a queen.


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