About Art Thorman - Tinsmith

After spending some 35 years teaching American history, Art Thorman turned his hand to recreating it.

Trained in the methods of early American tinsmiths, Thorman's crafting techniques use the same tools and hand processes employed by artisans of yore. As he points out, no electric tools are used in any of his pieces.

Long a woodworker, Thorman studied tinsmithing through local classes and workshops in the Albany and East Nassau areas, eventually becoming a smithing teacher himself at The Adirondack Folk School. What began with a single project to create a tin mug quickly blossomed into an extensive home workshop as his tools and tin supply multiplied, and sales soon followed.

Specializing in antique replicas that can be found in historic homes and sites throughout New York State, Thorman dutifully hand-reproduces heirlooms by skillfully plotting out patterns derived from his own mental assessments; this is not a copy/paste operation. I use the same techniques as early American tinsmiths, Art states simply, but the artistry is all his own.

To continue the livelihood of this tradition, Art shares his craft by teaching at the Adirondack Folk School, an organization dedicated to keeping the crafts and culture of the Adirondacks alive through year-round classes, special programs, free craft demonstrations and presentations, and other events. You can take a class with Art and learn to make your own hand-smithed tin pieces.

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