About Armstrong's All Natural

Implanted into America’s collective memory is the image of Mr. Rogers changing between his formal and casual shoes at the beginning and end of each television episode. Several decades after that show went off the air, David Armstrong, a Brooklyn-based artist and furniture maker, found himself in the same routine: at the beginning of each work day he changed from his “nice boots” to his “work boots” and vice versa in the evenings. The inconvenience and absurdity of this ritual set David on a mission to find a product that would preserve his shoes through the rough and tumble of time in the studio.

The extant leather care ointments that he found in stores left much to be desired. Most were loaded with cheap petroleum by-products and artificial, synthetic, filler chemicals. Among the all-natural offerings, there were major drawbacks: the elixirs were too oily and over-saturated his boots after the second application. He realized that the task was left to him to make the proverbial “other shoe” drop with an answer.

With input from some of Brooklyn’s boot-wearing demographic, David focus grouped his proprietary Brooklyn Boot Wax to perfection. The Brooklyn Boot Shine followed shortly thereafter. Special requests came flooding in — for leather conditioner to restore a cracked leather vintage messenger bag, for organic wax to preserve cutting boards in restaurant kitchens, for skin salve to use during the dry winter months — as the company took off.

With growing success, David’s products remain true to his initial rubric: The ingredients are all-natural, certified organic when possible, and sourced from farms that employ sustainable practices, and every aspect of the Armstrong’s All Natural’s line is designed, developed and handmade in Brooklyn in small batches. The natural purity of the ingredients means the company produces essentially zero waste, and any dregs are diverted to his garden or compost system. Even the product packaging is made using high-recyclable-content. With a dedication to preserving the environment and heritage leather pieces, using David’s products helps to guarantee a beautiful inheritance for the next generation.

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