About Adirondack Kitchen

Dave Cummings of Adirondack Kitchen describes himself in three words: “basically a tree.” This tree has planted roots throughout New York. Traversing a vast swath of the state, he was born and raised on Long Island, lived in New York City and the Hudson Valley, and now is settled among the Adirondack Mountains in the town of Bolton Landing.

Dave honed his woodworking skills over the last decade while working as a carpenter and builder of custom homes in the Lake George area. His increasing familiarity with the craft slowly developed into his interest with finer woodworking and a desire to source more sustainable materials.

And sustainability defines his New York state of mind. With his wife and young daughter, Dave lives entirely off the grid, relying on solar power for their energy needs, on several acres of land in a straw bale and timber frame house that he designed and built from the ground up.

In his workshop, a converted barn located just down the road from his home, Dave creates beautiful cutting boards by hand from start to finish. The final sanding is followed by an all-natural, non-toxic homemade beeswax and sunflower oil polish that Dave hand rubs onto each board to protect the wood and allow its organic beauty to shine through. The extremely smooth, elegant surfaces are almost too handsome to use, but we’re following Dave’s lead by incorporating thoughtful design into the most fundamental aspects of our lives; it’s a return to nature and our roots.

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