Rachel Atherley

[Snakeskin-inspired sterling silver jewelry, handcrafted in Kingston, nestled between the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains.]

“I love living in the Hudson Valley and am constantly inspired by the natural beauty here,” says Kingston resident and jewelry designer/maker Rachel Atherley. The Montana native [graduated with a BFA in metalsmithing from MSU and] refined her skills at SUNY New Paltz, where she received her MFA in metalsmithing in 2005. The inspiration for her snakeskin collection came when Rachel’s husband, Hugh (a Hudson Valley native) found a full-length shed snakeskin not far from their home in Kingston. “I loved the look of the pattern and the shell-like shape left behind,” says Atherley, who calls her collection “contemporary while still maintaining heirloom quality.” The entire Rachel Atherley collection is designed and created in-State, with no outsourcing; everything is made or overseen by Atherly herself, while nearly all of her materials are sourced from New York-based companies. Atherley believes “self expression is what makes us who we are and hopes her work allows the wearer to show their own individuality.” From the Rocky Mountain region of Montana to New York’s Hudson Valley, NYSOM is excited to share Atherly’s snakeskin collection for every generation. 

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