About Zadeh

Catherine Zadeh credits her design aesthetic to her past homes, Iran and France. Her creativity is influenced from the world of which she was born, her journey to America, and finding strength and a true voice as a woman, as a wife and mother, and a business person. Catherine believes that being feminine is about being strong, and that the masculine trait can be refined and beautiful.

Catherine's collections are symbols of rawness, nature, strength, but presented with style, beauty and elegance. They take wild elements from nature and re-create them in a bold, sculptural setting. The materials are strong, the construction is strong and the symbolism is strong. Each piece is a story and a source of inspiration.

Catherine's wish is for anyone who wears Zadeh to feel like they’re carrying a symbol of who they are at their best, a reminder of who they can be, and even if they are not always strong or confident, that they have what it takes, deep inside. She wants women to wear this, to feel bold, sexy, daring and to let their feminine side shine. 

Zadeh NY is Catherine's vision for how men and women can be for a more beautiful and balanced world.

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