About Trumbull Farms

Trumbull Farms in Claverack, NY
New York makers of Lavender Water Linen Spray and DIY Lavender Sachet Kit. Founders: Gig and Holly Barton.

Trumbull Farms is a family owned and run lavender farm located in Claverack, New York, ten minutes from downtown Hudson.​ 

Owners Gig and Holly Barton began growing lavender in 2015 on their eastern sloping field, which had not seen any farming activity for over forty years. The Bartons were not interested in a large commercial enterprise nor in harvesting the flowers for oil, but instead chose a more creative and artisanal approach. They grow organic English and French Hybrid Lavender that they hand-cut and hang in their barn to dry. They hand-work dried lavender into wreaths, bunches, sachets, and items for holiday boxed sets. They infuse distilled water with the fragrant French hybrid buds and offer this lavender water in bottles that can be sprayed to refresh pillows and linens. They cull the best buds from French Hybrid lavender and bottle them in a pretty corked top glass receptacle. Trumbull Farms is a boutique operation interested in a tasteful presentation in selective venues, and the Bartons hand-craft all of their items with this in mind.


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