About The Fixer

The Fixer in Red Oaks Mill, NY
New York Maker of the Brooklyn Coat Hook. Founder: Tyreik Jackson.

When Tyreik Jackson was a kid, his mother would make him hang flyers in all the buildings of the housing projects where he was raised in Brooklyn. Sometimes every floor of every building. The flyers would be to inform tenants about upcoming meetings. Urging them to come out and get informed about things going on in and around the surrounding community. As the tenant’s association president, she took on the role of not only doing for herself and her family but being the voice for an entire community. She worked alongside congress and assemblymen and -women. She fought for funding and made sure those funds were allocated properly within the community. She worked with law enforcement to make sure the neighborhood was protected but not over policed. She made sure that when contractors came to do work that they hired tenants to help with installations. She even made sure that the surrounding businesses whether it was a supermarket, bodega, or convenient store pitched in and gave back for their community’s annual family day cookout. By all accounts, she was Jackson's earliest and most influential role model. He is proud to say he is the son of a lifelong public servant/organizer and community activist.

Add to that Jackson's autodidactic love of designing and building things and you have what he is today. He spent years in a classroom learning about woodworking/carpentry with 6 years of formal training including high school and college. He has worked professionally for just over 20 years now. He cut his teeth on the 22.7 square mile island of Manhattan -- from Tribeca and SoHo straight through Hells Kitchen to the Upper West and East Sides of Manhattan. Jackson has enjoyed his lunch while perched on a ladder overlooking some of the most breathtaking views the city has to offer.

In his professional career, Jackson has worked alongside some of the most gifted and talented craftsmen and woman in the tristate area. He is more passionate about the process vs the finished product. Solving problems and sharing ideas with like minded people is one of the things that has always brought him great joy with regards to his approach to building.


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