About Squirrel Hill Design and Craft

Based in Rochester, NY, the Squirrel Hill Design and Craft team specializes in woodworking, modern day map making, and picture framing. Erin and Jono met in Pittsburgh, PA in 2011 when Erin was living near the Squirrel Hill neighborhood. They hit it off and moved to Washington State a few months later so that Erin could go to the Evergreen State College. She graduated with a Bachelors of Art focusing on fine woodworking and craft. Jono started a career in professional custom picture framing when they arrived, managing several shops over the next few years. They moved back to Jono's hometown of Rochester in 2016. Now, Erin creates distinctive artwork inspired by and featuring natural forms. Her topographic maps are handcrafted out of delicate, thin sheets of wood. Jono works for a solar company and channels his years of professional picture framing when framing any of the pieces.

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