About Spots NYC

Spots NYC in New York, NY
New York maker of Personalized Dog Treats (Pack of 8) and Personalized Mini Cupcakes (2 Dozen). Founder: Lily Walla
Lily Walla started Spots NYC in February of 2014 out of desire to create a unique Valentine’s Day treat for her now husband, Samson (she says Spots definitely helped seal the deal!).

The cupcakes turned out so adorably that she immediately posted photos of them on Instagram. Almost instantly she started getting cupcake requests from friends and followers. At the time, she was working for Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group but could not ignore the buzz her mini cupcakes were getting on social media. Shortly after getting a request from a well-known designer for 1,000 cupcakes, Walla decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and turn her hobby into a company. She was determined to create a product that helped customers, both corporate and personal, tell their story through food.

Today, Spots is the go-to company for all edible branding needs working with companies such as Target, Amazon, American Express, Google, Casper, and SoulCycle. In addition to branded mini cupcakes, Spots now sells personalized candy, marshmallows, s'mores kits, cookie cakes, dog treats, and seasonal products (such as branded Peeps).


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