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New York Makers in New York + Germantown, NY.
New York maker of Silda's Gingerbread Peach, Blaspberry, Blueberry Elderflower, Blackberry Lemon Lavender, Lavender Peach, Black + Blue, and Strawberry Jam. Founder, CEO, and Publisher: Silda Wall Spitzer. COO and Editor in Chief: Amanda DiRobella.

Just like every one of our products, New York Makers has a story. Co-founded in 2012 by former First Lady of New York Silda Wall Spitzer, this first-of-kind online marketplace + magazine promoting local sustainability and statewide connectivity has deep roots.

“Traveling around the state, I discovered amazing artisans, craftsmen, and creatives everywhere, even as I realized how atomized were their markets, their locales, and regions. I also learned New York had never had a public or private state magazine, unlike many other states — emblematic of our collective disconnectedness. Believing that the whole is worth more than the sum of any individual parts, I co-founded New York Makers as a purpose-driven business that i) provides an economic and resource platform for makers across New York State and gives customers access to a curated selection of their mindfully created goods from handcrafted to high-tech; and ii) champions sustainable local and statewide community by featuring inspiring stories of New York makers and living via digital magazine and other experiences.”

In addition to collaborating with New York makers on exclusive products for our Marketplace, we have our own line of jam called Silda's Jam. Silda's Jam is a wholehearted, homegrown passion project. Silda grew up in North Carolina before moving to New York State. Her parents and grandparents -- hard-working, resourceful, and close-knit -- would spend time together harvesting, canning, and making preserves with produce from their family farm. Later in life, Silda echoed this tradition with her own family, making delicious homemade jams with berries or peaches from her own neighboring farms in the Hudson Valley to give to loved ones during the holidays. One major difference: Silda eliminated granulated sugar and replaced it with New York State-made Maple Syrup. She also began using natural citrus pectin. 

Here at New York Makers, we are all about fostering talents and big ideas. As founder, Silda and our tiny team believes in the rewarding, magical process of making something from the heart that others can enjoy. Jam has been apart of the journey, our story, and our operation, as profits from jam sales go directly to supporting the New York Makers platform.

We make Silda's Jam in small batches in a scenic Germantown kitchen overlooking the Hudson Valley using the finest New York State-produced ingredients, from fruits, florals, and maple syrup. Our jam is vegan, and our flavors are distinctive: Gingerbread Peach, Blaspberry, Blueberry Elderflower, Blackberry Lemon Lavender, Lavender Peach, Black + Blue, Strawberry, and coming soon...Cherry Pie, Strawberry Lemon Lavender, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Red + Blue.


The New York Makers Marketplace offers a curated selection of unique, mindfully-designed — often handmade or hand-crafted — gifts created by nearly 100 creative makers located across New York state, including the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Adirondacks.

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