About Jook & Nona

We find again and again that each New York state of mind is drawn from a million different and unique sources. Shir Michaels, the founder and designer behind jewelry line Jook & Nona, lived in Israel until she was three. Even after moving to NYC, Shir returned each summer to visit her grandfather, a painter. Learning from his example, Shir cultivated a fascination with labors of love. It's not surprising, then, that a hallmark of Shir's work is its sentimental tone. Thanks to an apprenticeship under jewelry designer James Colarusso and an MFA from Parsons, Shir now hand-casts, hand-shapes and hand-engraves her line's brass cuffs in her Upper West Side studio. Each bracelet's monogram memorializes a place or an activity: NYC, Amagansett, surfing...and the list goes on. Wear these pieces in the moment of your travels, or let them transport you to a happy visit even when you're stuck at the office.

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