About Eighth Belle

Korina Brewer has been sailing and working on boats ever since she can remember. She grew up on Lake Ontario and moved to NYC to study design in 2012. This is where her love of sailing and sewing intersected. After working in a leather studio in Brooklyn and a sail loft in City Island, it only made sense for her to combine these skills and produce beautiful bags out of her favorite things. Korina moved to the Hudson Valley after graduation to get closer to nature and family; she loves that here she can enjoy equal parts of mountain and river, something from which she derives much inspiration. She still travels down to the city to sail in the New York Harbor during the summers on an 88-year-old wooden schooner. Her project, Eighth Belle, celebrates the combination of Mariner and Maker. Each bag and pennant are carefully made by hand in Kingston, NY. Her partner, Kaz, assists with administrative, production, and building projects.

Photo Credit: Katie Chirichillo

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