About Atina Foods

Atina Foods vision is to produce and share holistic food based on traditional knowledge systems using local produce when available. They follow the sacred wisdom of the ancients, that food is medicine and medicine is food. Atina Foods began in 2015 by married team, Carrie Dashow and Suresh Pillai, in Catskill, New York. During the past few years they have successfully developed and marketed their uniquely delicious products to both food connoisseurs and novices alike. Proudly making simple dishes complex and amazingly delicious with added health benefits to boot!

Their recipes have evolved from Suresh's traditional upbringing in Kerala, South India, ancestral home of Ayurvedic health practices and a place where one considers food as medicine, eating for health is a practiced custom. Cooking with his family and throughout his travels have found their way to their new local land of Catskill, New York. Combining produce from the country of origin with local and home grown material, they look for the most health beneficial combinations from there to here, as Ayurveda not only means what we can get far away, but that the restorative elements are in one's present habitat. Watched over by Atina, the Corn Goddess of the Mohicans, whose mountain feet they sit at, they are guided in this discovering.

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