About Alicia Adams Alpaca

Alicia Adams lives on a farm in the Hudson Valley where her husband breeds Suri alpacas and she dreams up beautiful designs for their lustrous fiber. A former marketing executive, Alicia saw potential in the alpacas' shiny, hypo-allergenic hair, and taught herself to knit and weave in order to work with fabric mills. Her exacting standards guarantee each product is made from only the softest hair and natural dyes. Once sheared, the fiber from her New York-based alpacas — whose names range from Maria Callas to Captain America — is sent to Peru. Alicia, who was raised in Mexico, communicates in her native Spanish to a loyal community of weavers. After all, alpaca are indigenous to Peru and, as Alicia notes, alpaca fiber weaving "is their [the Peruvians'] heritage." How lucky we are that she has brought this South American tradition to New York and given it her own sophisticated flair.

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