About Adirondack Rockware

New York Makers sells many things that are made IN New York, but Peter Shrope's Adirondack Rockware pottery is actually made OF New York. Using 100% native, pure, crushed Adirondack rock, Peter blends the most arresting colors to glaze his line of handmade pottery.

While Peter now calls Rainbow Lake home, he's lived all over the State map, having grown up outside of Albany in the town of Delmar, and later working in Brooklyn. His artistry takes several forms including work as an exhibition designer for the Brooklyn Children's Museum and the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. While in Maryland, Peter used clay in his backyard to shape his pottery. After moving to the Adirondacks, Peter discovered that the land was too rocky for the clay to be malleable, but, with science in his veins, Peter was determined to incorporate the rocks in his artwork, and stumbled upon the idea of grinding the rocks into powder to use for the pottery glaze.

While Adirondack art generally follows a traditionalist, region-specific aesthetic, Peter sought to break the mold of the mountain, animal and lake themes, and turned to less-literal nature designs inspired by the Abstract Expressionists and traditional Japanese styles. The result is an exploration of the dynamism between the fluid visuals and the rigidity of the stone. A celebration of two ways of being: both the strong and sensitive states of mind.

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