La Mia Designs

[Vintage cloth tote bags, hand-embroidered in the Adirondacks.]

One thing all New Yorkers have in common is access to a local farmers market. Stephanie DeJoseph, the brains behind the La Mia Designs line of handmade farmers market tote bags, buys her produce from farm-fresh stands in the Adirondacks, where she lives. Her totes aren't site-specific, however: They're as great for gathering flowers at the Ithaca Farmers Market as they are for carrying fruit and honey from the Union Square Greenmarket.

Stephanie has rich memories of interacting with nature's bounty. As a child in Central New York, she loved visiting orchards, picking raspberries and trucking along on hayrides. This love of the good earth manifested itself in her collection of eco-conscious totes.

La Mia Designs are made using vintage and repurposed fabric. Stephanie's sharp eye for intriguing design was developed during her training as an interior designer, and the colorful textiles that line each tote are a special visual treat for the wearer. Hand-embroidery on the bag's exterior -- available in four different designs -- ensures that no two pieces are exactly the same. It's organic and unique, just like the goods it carries.

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