frittelli & LOCKWOOD

[American-spun textiles, hand-loomed in the Capital-Saratoga Region.]

Only a select few stumble upon their life's calling at a young age. Cecilia and Richard, the founders, designers and weavers behind frittelli & LOCKWOOD, are of that rare breed. As a child, Cecilia (the "frittelli" in this equation) and her father formed popsicle sticks into the anchors of a back strap loom, and from there she began a lifetime of weaving. Following college at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs, Cecilia worked in NYC's Garment District as both a sample weaver and textile designer. Richard (the "LOCKWOOD"), her husband, worked in textile mills as a teenager, and, following schooling at Hobart College in Geneva and Syracuse University, he repurposed those skills to create the necktie fabric that formed the foundation of frittelli & LOCKWOOD as we it know today. Cecilia and Richard are New Yorkers through-and-through, and their products are as American as can be: they use eco-friendly, American-spun yarns in their studio, which is located in an 1850's building in the Saratoga Arts District, and in 2012 frittelli & LOCKWOOD had the distinction of being named "Crafts" finalists in Martha Stewart's "Made in America" competition. The integrity of their handwoven work -- sumptuous fabrics worked into elegant yet modern designs for both men and women -- speaks for itself, but a little boost from Martha never hurts; what an impressive way to validate a lifelong pursuit.

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