Bold Version Design

[Long Island-Inspired Nautical-Themed Prints handmade in the Hudson Valley.]

Victor Coreas occupies a sunny spot in the world. The joy of his bold, colorful, handmade prints reflects a love of his Long Island state of mind. Born in Honduras, Victor moved with his family to Long Island at the age of nine and, though he recently relocated to the Hudson Valley, he remains inspired by the seashores, coasts, bays, parks and charming towns that define Nassau and Suffolk counties.

An introduction to skateboarding in his teenage years broadened Victor's horizons, and he delved deep into Long Island's skate parks, punk rock shows and beaches. Eventually, his skating took him on day trips to NYC in the early-'90s, where he encountered bold, crisp graffiti covering the surfaces of the city, as well as the expressive graphic work of street artists for sale on every block. In adulthood, when baby nursery decorating duties fell under his purview, Victor recalled the energy of the images that affected him in his youth...and the rest is history.