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Love Thy Neighbor: Bridging the border between Buffalo & Canada

It is a bridge of steel and light. Against a dark sky, five arches fitted with an LED light show in resplendent, changing colors are a celebration of the friendship between two neighboring countries. We’re talking about the Peace Bridge, a significant conduit connecting the United States, Canada and the fabulousness in both locales. Spanning 3,580 feet from abutment to abutment, the Peace Bridge consists of three lanes measuring 12 feet each with two six-foot-wide pedestrian walkways on either

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Insider's Guide: Long Island's Stony Brook & Setauket

It’s nearly impossible to imagine Stony Brook without Setauket. The former has the nicest shopping district while the latter has the best deli. One has a hidden jewel of a nature walk, while the other has the old-fashioned barbershop. In fact, the towns constitute two of the three “villages” — along with Old Field — that collectively form the Three Village area, originally envisioned by philanthropist Ward Melville. The best way to explore the area is in a car, starting with one road:

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Celebrate Mardi Gras in Western New York

North of Louisiana, Buffalo is the place to go to celebrate Mardi Gras today! Grab your beads, deck yourself out in purple, green and gold, and get ready for a huge celebration — one to last you through the 40 days of Lent. After reading this, you’ll know some of the best places to hear jazz and taste King Cake in The Queen City. Laissez les bon temps rouler! *** The Artvoice Mardi Gras Parade | Buffalo Today marks the 19th Annual Artvoice Mardi Gras Parade rolls through Historic Allentown and

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The March Issue: A Show of Strength

When your state is brazenly dubbed the "Empire," you have to walk the walk. The origins of that renowned moniker are somewhat dubious, but some suggest George Washington himself originated the reference (writing in a letter that New York City was "at present the Seat of the Empire") in 1785 — three years before we were granted statehood. It's a name we were born to and, by my assessment, have grown largely to deserve. With the arrival of March, we launch our "Strong State of Mind" issue. Not

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