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On the Road With NYSOM: Where we Traveled in February

Here's a look at the Empire State, one region, city, and town at a time. Be sure to visit our Regions page for more local hubbub! There was no better way to head into the frigid temperatures of February than in a cozy state of mind. It’s all too easy (albeit understandable) to spend this final winter month in hibernation, but this year our team boldly made a couple of chilly laps around the State to see what what’s worth venturing outside for. Why miss the opportunity only because it’s cold

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Chic, Quirky Lodging in the Catskills

Long gone are the days when Borscht Belt comedians filled the dining halls and casinos of the Catskill region's grand resorts. The area that once served as the stomping grounds of Milton Berle may no longer be a mecca for thousands of Jewish families from New York City, but that doesn't mean it has lost its appeal. Across the region, from Woodstock to Roxbury, hotels and guest houses are popping up with a wide array of styles and conveniences to choose from. Whether you are seeking a luxury spa package,

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For the Love of Local, A Brooklyn Chocolate Company with International Flair

Around the corner from the mammoth Barclays Center is a quiet row of smaller, pastel-colored tiny shops that epitomize the emergent small business culture of Brooklyn. One of those bright facades belongs to Nunu Chocolates, a family-owned chocolate store with global reach and otherworldly flavor. The passion-driven company began with a shared idea and devotion to chemistry — both in and out of the kitchen — by husband and wife team Andy Laird and Justine Pringle. [caption id="attachment_4442"

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Meet the Maker of Sweatertoys: A Q&A with Caitlin Wicker

Caitlin Wicker moved to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn just three years ago with her fiancé, their cat, Alice, and her own stuffed animal from childhood — a racoon hand puppet creatively dubbed “Raccoonie.” Ms. Wicker’s story as a maker began in her senior year at the University of Minnesota (she hails from the Twin Cities), in search for a gift to replace her sister’s beloved stuffed rabbit, Pinksey; “Pinksey just got old — she still exists but she’s not in full form.” So Ms. Wicker

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The Best Cooking Classes in the Hudson Valley

Vacations shouldn’t have to require hideous waits, grim-faced attendants and abysmal cuisine before you get to the good stuff. Score the treat you travel for without the hassle. In the Hudson Valley, there are dozens of freelance chefs offering creative lessons in a full range of cuisines, plus the vaunted Culinary Institute of America, just waiting to whisk you away to a different world. Check out our favorite Hudson Valley cooking escapes, for advanced gourmands and the clueless alike. *** For

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Hopeless Romance: Boldt Castle on Heart Island

As we board Uncle Sam’s ferry, a girl in a wool cap and a collar turned up against the rain tells us the proper way to affix our life jackets. “Don’t worry though,” she says, “this ship isn’t going to sink so enjoy your trip.” And we do. After making our way up to the bow to take pictures, a couple and their son take rapid fire panoramic shots of the vessels cruising by. Our little boat rocks back and forth in the wake of a gigantic black liner that has passed. It’s unclear which

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