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Lucky Red: Ringing in the Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year is upon us! The celebration of the Year of the Yang (translated variously as "sheep," "goat," and "ram") begins this evening, and continues for three weeks. According to folklore, those born in the Year of the Sheep bear the characteristics of patience, idealism, politeness, social intelligence, and an appreciation for artistic beauty. Incidentally, one celebrity born in the Year of the Sheep is the outspoken Mark Twain, who wrote his most important works in Elmira, New York. Red is the luckiest color in Chinese culture, so its ubiquity during New Year's celebrations comes as no surprise. "Hong," as it is called, manifests itself in festive signage, celebratory firecrackers, and the eponymous "hong bao"— red envelopes containing money, typically collected by children in a manner not so different from Western trick-or-treating on Halloween. The Chinese associate colors with various other symbols, including animals, and red is associated with sheep, imbuing this particular New Year with special promise. Red is the color of love — and also the color of luck. Valentine's Day may have passed, but you still can symbolically bring fortune your way in the Year of the Sheep with this auspicious hue. We handpicked our favorite red pieces from the NYSOM Marketplace, with a sampling below, and the full collection on the Marketplace!
AppleCups600x600 Red, delicious apples are a common Chinese New Year gift and decoration; these Apple Cups bring similar festive joy to any home. Made in Western New York by Vegetabowls, slip-cast from locally-grown apples.
StudioDKSKissPouch600x600 Remember your New Year's kiss all year long. Tote your treasures in this hand-felted wool and cashmere pouch, from Brooklyn's Studio DKS.
FloorclothPomegranate600x600 Housecleaning is an important pre-New Year ritual. Make your own housekeeping simple and cheerful with this Adirondack staple: the floorcloth, decorated with red pomegranates. Handmade in the ADKs by The Pine-Apple Tree.
ShanghaiRoseTea600x600 For all the tea in China: The Shanghai Rose blend, part of the Spa Specific Tea Sampler from Long Island's SerendipiTea.