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Outside of Time: Abby Carnevale Jewelry

Many young women move to New York City with dreams of adding their voice to fashion's vernacular. Texas-born Lela Rose struck it big (as in Bergdorfs big) with her elegant dresses and separates, designed for a chic, confident woman — whether she runs a corporation or is a lady who lunches. Our video interview with the couturier (also a cyclist and gourmand) debuts this week. Another designer — this one a Vermont native — shares her creative vision with her line of vintage-inspired jewelry. Abby Carnevale is a 20-something Brooklynite whose signatures include red lipstick and a 1980s Schwinn bike (she's a ringer for Parker Posey). As a child she raided her grandmother’s closet for jewelry. In the course of these treasure hunts she discovered a pair of earrings in near-perfect condition, despite decades of wear. The high-quality craftsmanship evident in these pieces made an impression on Abby, who eventually inherited the pair and wears them to this day.
Abby Jewelry designer Abby Carnevale, wearing her own designs.

Inspired by her grandmother’s collection, Abby began designing her own jewelry at age 13. As she became more serious about the endeavor, Abby traveled to intensive workshops in Mexico and apprenticed under renowned jewelers in New York City. With her eponymous line, Abby puts a fresh spin on vintage style in every piece she creates. She scours thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets to find inspiration for new shapes and colors to incorporate into her line, and uses locally-sourced materials. Her style embodies a unique dichotomy of simple design and intricate craft, and each piece is both wearable and timeless. A Gatsby costume party-worthy piece is just as easily paired with a sweater and skinny jeans as with a flapper dress. Years from now, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing how your own granddaughter puts her spin on these styles.

Below are the pieces the NYSOM Girls wore during our visit to Lela Rose's atelier. Lela was very complimentary of Abby's designs, and we took it as a sign that this young designer's future will be as enduring as the craftsmanship of her jewelry. Like what you see? Shop Abby Carnevale Jewelry on the New York States of Mind Marketplace.

Cascading-Chain-Bracelet Cascading Chain Bracelet by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Signature-Black-Onyx-Necklace The first-ever design in the collection: Signature Black and Onyx Necklace by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Oxidized-Silver-and-Stone-Earrings Oxidized Silver and Stone Earrings by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Handpiece Oxidized Silver and Stone Handpiece by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Turquoise-Bloom-Bracelet Turquoise Bloom Bracelet by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Turquoise-Bloom-Earrings Turquoise Bloom Earrings by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Turquoise-Bloom-Necklace Turquoise Bloom Necklace by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.
Pearl-and-Chinese-Amazonite-Ring Hand-woven Pearl and Chinese Amazonite Ring by Abby Carnevale Jewelry.