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Shop Capital-Saratoga for Sundaes and Style

Our featured products from the Capital-Saratoga region satisfy two of our guiltiest pleasures: sundaes and style (if we opened our own ice cream parlor, we might be inclined to call it “Sundae Styles”).

Why not indulge in the State’s best hot fudge sauce — made by Saratoga Springs locals using fresh New York milk and butter — with your favorite ice cream? We’re telling you, Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce makes everything better, from pretzels to fresh fruit to potato chips. How’s that for your sweet tooth’s state of mind?

Indulging in an ice cream sundae can end with a brain freeze or head-to-toe chill. So wrap yourself in a hand-woven scarf from frittelli & LOCKWOOD. Each one is light enough to keep goosebumps at bay without completely overheating you amidst summer’s scorching temperatures, and — an added bonus — will add the perfect touch of sophistication to its dandy wearer, be it a man or a woman.

Ain’t life pretty sweet? Read on for more about these Merchants from one of the State’s most elegant regions.


At Sundaes Best, there are only two simple numbers you need to know: 5 and 11. "Five" is the number of ingredients blended together in every small, handmade batch of the company's sinfully indulgent signature "Original" hot fudge sauce: fresh milk and fresh butter from local Saratoga County dairies, pure cane sugar, cocoa and real chocolate. "Eleven" enumerates the flavor variations, built upon owner Jeff Shinaman's 40+ year old family recipe. Why stop at chocolate fudge sauce when chocolate hazelnut, chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter are also available? Each flavor is named after a family member: Patty's Peanut Butter is a  testament to chef Katie Camarro's PB-adoring mother, A.J.'s Almond is named in honor of a nut-addicted nephew, and Addy Campbell's Caramel recognizes a niece and her penchant for a particular sweet. Though the company has grown by leaps and bounds since it was founded in 2001, it retains its small business feel: the secret family recipe remains the core of its operations, John (a Skaneateles native) and Katie (a Saratoga Springs native) remain committed to sourcing ingredients from local farmers, and each jar's label showcases an adorable vintage photo of Katie and her grandmother sporting their Sunday best, no doubt scheming about making ice cream sundaes. You are what you eat, and we like to be as purely sweet as we can.


Only a select few stumble upon their life's calling at a young age. Cecilia and Richard, the founders, designers and weavers behind frittelli & LOCKWOOD, are of that rare breed. As a child, Cecilia (the "frittelli" in this equation) and her father formed popsicle sticks into the anchors of a back strap loom, and from there she began a lifetime of weaving. Following college at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs, Cecilia worked in NYC's Garment District as both a sample weaver and textile designer. Richard (the "LOCKWOOD"), her husband, worked in textile mills as a teenager, and, following schooling at Hobart College in Geneva and Syracuse University, he repurposed those skills to create the necktie fabric that formed the foundation of frittelli & LOCKWOOD as we it know today. Cecilia and Richard are New Yorkers through-and-through, and their products are as American as can be: they use eco-friendly, American-spun yarns in their studio, which is located in an 1850's building in the Saratoga Arts District, and in 2012 frittelli & LOCKWOOD had the distinction of being named "Crafts" finalists in Martha Stewart's "Made in America" competition. The integrity of their handwoven work -- sumptuous fabrics worked into elegant yet modern designs for both men and women -- speaks for itself, but a little boost from Martha never hurts; what an impressive way to validate a lifelong pursuit.