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How to Picnic in the Rain

We’re expecting to be ankle-deep in rain by the end of the week (no part of NYS appears exempt), but don’t let the dreary weather forecast get the best of your July 4th picnic plans. Instead, embrace the art of the indoor picnic with some of our favorite NYSOM Marketplace items, and feast on meals that won’t melt or spoil in the hot July sun. Set up camp at home in front of your favorite storm-watching spot, light candles in the evening in lieu of a campfire, make s’mores by stovetop and whip up some cocktails (yet another perk of a non-park party: no liquor licenses or fire permits required!). Round out the celebration with some chic NYSOM Marketplace products that aren’t necessarily picnic basket-proof, but will have you sitting pretty.

Tom Stoenner Glass Cocktail Glasses:

Rocks_wp Tom Stoenner Handblown Cocktail Glasses.

Skip the Solo cups this year in lieu of these hand-blown cocktail glasses. A green alternative to pedestrian picnic plastics, and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up afterwards! Fill with your favorite cocktail, or homemade Arnold Palmers.

Catskill Provisions “Locavore Mixologist” Set:

Mixology_Set_wp Catskill Provisions Mixology Set.

Not sure what to serve in your cocktail glasses? This Catskill Provisions mixologist kit comes complete with everything you need to be a picnic host with the most: recipe cards, cocktail glass rimmers, cocktail shakers, a honey wand and even a muddler (we think mojitos complement picnics perfectly). The Locavore kit includes recipes for Maple Old Fashioneds, Lime Breezes, and—our personal favorite—Bees Knees, so you can put the included maple syrup and honey to use; just add alcohol!

Wishbone Letterpress Coasters in Fish Scale and Garden:

WishbonePress_Coaster_Garden_wp Wishbone Letterpress Coasters in Garden.

A pretty glass deserves a pretty coaster. Upgrade your indoor picnic to a rainy night cocktail party with hand-letterpressed coasters. A mix of six different colors in each the Fish Scale and Garden sets, they’re sure to brighten ANY rainy day.

Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce:

Sundaes Best wp Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce.

We praise the talented few who have successfully served ice cream at an outdoor picnic. For the rest of us, however, what better time to serve your favorite ice cream (indoors!) than with warm hot fudge sauce from Saratoga’s Sundaes Best?


Vegetabowls_Apple_1_wp Vegetabowls Apple Cups. (Sculpted from the actual fruit!)

Bring the sunshine inside by serving your potato salad and coleslaw in these witty Vegetabowls. We don’t want to risk bringing these beautiful ceramic works of art to the beach, so we’ll use them for this indoor party instead. The Apple Cups just happen to be the perfect size for a reasonably portioned — though still naughtily indulgent — scoop of ice cream doused in Sundaes Best hot fudge sauce.

Watson Woodworking Cherry Tray:

Cherry Tray wp Watson Woodworking Cherry Tray.

This gorgeous cherry tray might be too elegant for a BBQ, but it’s just right for serving many rounds of cocktails, presenting fixin’s for ice cream sundaes and offering up anything else on your indoor picnic menu. It’s handmade with love in the Adirondacks using local wood, and brings a little bit of the outdoors in while you’re seeking shelter from the rain.

Alicia Adams Throw:

AAA_Wrap_HangingMix_1_wp Alicia Adams Alpaca Classic Alpaca Throw.
We would never take our prized Alicia Adams throw out of the house — for fear of grass stains or sandy souvenirs — but what better time to luxuriate in alpaca than a rainy afternoon (that turns into an evening of cocktails...). We think a film set in New York is a perfect way to end the day; we’re partial to Woody Allen: Annie Hall, Manhattan or Everyone Says I Love You.