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The NYSOM Wedding Gift Guide for Guests

We are in the thick of one of wedding season’s busiest months: June. As a guest, there are many details to consider in the approach to your loved one’s big day, like what you’ll wear or who you’ll bring as your date. While we aren’t stylists or relationship experts, we can play matchmaker for another important aspect of the occasion: The perfect gift for the happy couple. Sure, we appreciate that wedding registries take the guesswork out of buying a gift for a bride and groom. But, for the couple you know inside and out, sometimes buying your best friends a vaccuum rings a little false. For your next wedding gift purchase — and to really wow the lovebirds with something unique — turn to the NYSOM Wedding Gift Guide. We’re putting the element of surprise back into wedding gift giving, and reminding you that sometimes it’s better to give people what they WANT instead of what they “NEED.”

[EPICURATE]: Morse Code Cutting Board, $126. Handmade in Brooklyn, NYC by Gowanus Furniture Co.

gowanusfurniture_kentile_birdseye_grande Handmade Cutting Board with Morse Code Monogram.

Personalize Gowanus Furniture Co.’s Morse Code “Kentile” Cutting Board with the first letter of the newlyweds’ last name. The monogram is subtle and sophisticated, yet decidedly their own: stripes of varying widths mimic the dots and dashes of Morse Code, invented by New Yorker Samuel Morse.

Buy it for: The foodie couple, who preps, cooks and hosts lavish dinner parties together. Fun fact: The cutting board also serves (pun intended) as an elegant platter; you’re giving them kitchenware AND art. NYSOM Litmus Test: Each time we’ve gifted this to newlywed friends, they proclaim that it’s “so us!”

[INNOVATE]: Salvaged Slate Wall Clock (“60 Minutes”), $159.50. Made in Queens, NYC by SimplyNu.

SimplyNu_60min1_grande Slate Wall Clock.

Give the happy couple something of heirloom value that they will really hold on to (they’ll use this a lot more than a crystal candelabra) — and that won’t sit in a cabinet collecting dust. The Salvaged Slate Wall Clock by Simply Nu is handmade using materials reclaimed from the roof of a 1900’s Tudor house in South Queens. It’s rugged and sophisticated all at once, and will make a statement in the newlyweds’ home.

Buy it for: The couple whose love survives the test of time. (Or, if you’re less subtle, for the couple that’s always running late.

[DECORATE]: Classic Alpaca Throw, $435. Made by Alicia Adams Alpaca, located in the Hudson Valley.

AAA_Wrap_poppy-herr_grande Classic Alpaca Throw in Poppy Herringbone.

The Classic Alpaca Throw is big enough for two. Its generous size and natural softness make it the perfect blanket to cuddle under. Made from the wool of Suri Alpacas, this Classic Throw comes in a variety of colors (though we suggest Poppy Herringbone because nothing says love quite like this soft shade of red).

Buy it for: The homebody couple that enjoys a night in to snuggle while watching an old movie.

[RECREATE]: Canvas Carry All Tote, $95. Made in Brooklyn, NYC by Found My Animal.

FoundMyAnimal_CarryAll_Cream_grande Canvas Carry All Tote.

Found My Animal’s Carry All Tote is the perfect transport for our four legged friends. It is made from commercial grade canvas and with a nautical-inspired rope handle that is custom-made, hand-spliced and Marine-grade. Now, the happy couple can carry Fido in a bag that’s durable and stylish! (And guess what? There’s a matching collar and leash, too.)

Buy it for: The couple whose dog has separation issues, or for the dog-less newlyweds who need a sturdy and sophisticated bag for a picnic or the beach. Are you a bride, groom or wedding planner who needs some inspiration for the actual ceremony and reception? Fear not, we have a guide for that, too. [Photo Credit for Reception Image: Kelly Kollar Photography]