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The NYSOM Wedding Guide for Brides-to-Be

Let’s be honest: Planning a wedding is HARD. Between the hunt for THE dress, selecting the wedding party without hurting any feelings, caterer tastings, fighting for your dream location and everything in between, it’s no wonder that bridezillas rear their occasional heads leading up to the big day. To help ease all your wedding prep, keep the rage at bay and give you some delightful Made-in-New York ideas, we’ve compiled the NYSOM Wedding Guide for Brides-to-Be.

[DECORATE] and [CELEBRATE]: We hand-selected accessories from our Marketplace to add the finishing touches to the wedding party and reception. Don’t worry, they’re subtle enough to give an edge without taking the attention away from you!

For You: Your Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

EAO8A_610_grande copy Abby Carnevale Turquoise Bloom Earrings.
Turquoise Bloom Earrings, $358. Handmade in Brooklyn by Abby Carnevale Jewelry. Who says one item can’t cover all the “something” bases of this bridal tradition? Abby Carnevale Jewelry’s Turquoise Bloom Earrings do just that. They’re inspired by a vintage pair of baubles (the old), yet they’re made to order (the new) with Chinese Amazonite beads (the blue). As for the borrowed? Gift a pair to your Maid of Honor and ask if you can wear them on the big day. Maybe you won’t have to give them back...

For the Groomsmen

frittelliLockwood_Bowtie_Pinwheel_BlackRedBT03_grande copy frittelli & LOCKWOOD Bowtie.
Pinwheel Pattern Bowtie, $84. Hand-woven in the Capital-Saratoga Region by fritelli & LOCKWOOD. Add some unexpected flair to your groomsmen’s hum-drum tuxedos  with fritelli & LOCKWOOD bowties, like the Pinwheel in Black and Red (pictured here). Our collection includes a variety of patterns and hues for any style and color scheme, plus clip-on versions for novices.

For the Bridesmaids

Mark Twain Brass Cuff Bracelet Trio,  $147.95. Handmade in NYC by Jook & Nona.
JookNona_MarkTwainCuff_wp Mark Twain Cuff Trio: Explore, Dream, Discover.
Weddings symbolize the start of a new chapter for you and your groom, one filled with hope and love. To share that spirit with your bridesmaids, outfit them in Jook & Nona’s Mark Twain Brass Cuff Bracelet Trio. Each engraved with the words of Twain, the “Explore,” “Dream” and “Discover” bangles will leave them wishing you a lifetime of happiness together.

For the Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Sweater Toy Squirrel, ($38). Handmade in Brooklyn, NYC by Sweatertoys.
Sweatertoys_Squirrel_1_wp Sweatertoys Squirrel.
While the kids in your wedding party won’t be able to wear one of these, they make a great reward after their long trek down the aisle. Thank them for their involvement in your special day with a Stuffed Squirrel by Sweatertoys. Handmade using vintage fabric and knits, each animal is one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to be treasured by the little ones for years to come.

The Guest Book

Smock Smock Letterpress Jotter Notebooks and Nested Box Set in Circa.
Letterpress Jotter Notebooks, $8.50. Made in Central New York by Smock. Forego the traditional guest book in place of Smock’s Letterpress Jotter Notebooks (we especially love the Circa set, pictured here). Buy a set (two are included) for each table and ask your guests to leave a note, marriage advice or their favorite wedding moment. Then, place Smock’s matching Nested Box Sets in the reception area and ask your guests to put their notebooks in them before leaving. You’ll have real-time, tangible tokens of your guests’ time at the wedding.

Party (and Photo) Favors

Jewel Paper Crowns, $32.80. Handmade in the Hudson Valley by Wishbone Letterpress.
WishbonePress_JewelPartyCrown_wp Wishbone Letterpress Jewel Party Crown.
Photobooths are common at weddings and provide a fun party favor: instant snapshots overflowing with sassy smiles, lush boas and oversized sunglasses. If you plan to set one up at your wedding, let your guests feel like royalty with Wishbone Letterpress’ Jewel-printed Paper Crowns. The silver metallic-printed set includes six crowns total: two pink, two yellow and two blue. In addition to hosting a wedding, are you also planning to attend one this year? Check out the NYSOM Wedding Gift Guide for Guests for our picks on the most special one-of-a-kind tokens.